Marimer Iso Tonic 100 ml

105.00 EGP

Marimer Iso Tonic 100 ml

105.00 EGP



Our Marimer Iso Tonic Sinusitis Rhinitis product is a medical device which comes with a nasal dose pump.
This pump has an anti-bacterial protection system which prevents external and internal contamination.
Good nasal hygiene for your baby will help protect their nasal mucosa from external attacks and help prevent ENT infections. Using MARIMER Iso Tonic BABY NASAL HYGIENE will help the nose to breathe up to the age of 6 months.
– For day-to-day nasal fossae hygiene,
to prevent ENT infection
– To moisturise dry nasal mucosa”

How to use Marimer Iso Tonic

From birth +0
Do not use to treat premature babies.
spray per nostril, preferably before every meal, 1 to 4 times a day as necessary.
Please read the instructions carefully before use. Ask your pharmacist for advice.

This medical product uses a microdiffusion process, which will gently discharge nasal secretions.
Its wide safety nozzle makes it safe to use on infants as soon as they are born.”

Expected results/clinical trials

This medical product is a regulated healthcare product which bears CE marking, in accordance with regulations
This medical product has been clinically tested on 60 people aged 18 to 60 who have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for at least 2 years.



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