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    LINIDERM 250 ml

    195.00 EGP



    “Use only essentials for baby’s sensitive skin
    Protective & Cleansing Nappy Change

    At birth, babies’ skin barrier is much thinner than that of adults, which makes it very fragile and very permeable. Liniderm is made from limewater and virgin olive oil, is a natural product that cleanses and nurtures the skin and helps to prevent nappy rash by leaving a protective moisturising film. Babies’ tiny bottoms are well protected and safe from daily irritations.

    FREE OF: Aluminum Salts, Parabens, Preservtives, Fragrance, Palm Oil, Paraffin Oil, Silicone, Colouring and Mineral Oil.”

    How to use Liniderm

    “Shake the bottel before use, Apply the product with a cotton padand clean the baby bottom during changing,
    Do not rains.”

    Expected results/clinical trials

    “Forms a protective film on the skin.
    Restore the natural skin barrier.
    Preserves the skin’s natural PH and prevents ammonia build-up on the skin.
    100% of parants confirmed the soothing and protective effecy on the skin.
    95% of parants said its formes a protictive film on the skin.”


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